Vintage Wholesale

Are you a vintage clothing seller looking for a new and easier way to find the highest quality of vintage pieces? 

We offer a mix of Unisex items from T shirts to Sweatshirts. Occasionally, are pieces will be specifically women's pieces (which you will know which ones are gender specific).

Our Vintage T Shirt Selection will be a mix of: 

Nascar Tees

Harley Davidson

Motorcycle Tees

Classic 90's favorites (Guess, Tommy, Nautica, Polo, Etc.)

Rock and Roll Tour Tees

Rap Tour Tees

(Depending on what's in stock)

Our Modern Era team personally hand picks each item curated for our wholsale bundles. Each item you will be recieving is a piece we believed is good enough to sell online or in person at any vintage store in the country. 

We offer a bundle of 30 T shirts for a total price of $360.00 

We believe each piece is valued at a minimum of $40 retail giving you a minimum total of $1200.00 in sales. 

If wholesaling is something you're interested in send us a text and we will send you a video of your personal 30 piece wholesale vintage box and then an invoice to pay and add shipping details. 

Text: (469) 476 - 2457

Once the invoice is complete your items will be shipped out to you within 24 hours. 

We'd love to be your new vintage clothing partner. For any other questions of what we can offer you just send us a text and we will let you know.