Photo Studio Rental

$ 150.00

Rent our entire showroom to host a photo shoot for you and up to 4 guests. Our showroom comes equipped with a photo studio room equipped for professional product shots. You also have access to move freely throughout the space to shoot in front of our different set designs present throughout the studio at the time. Semi Private - 10am - 2pm Our semi private option may or may not have Modern--Era staff present moving throughout the space. Private - 2pm - 6pm Our private option gives you exclusive access to have full control of the space privately with no Modern--Era staff present. When the private option is selected all Modern--Era inventory will be moved to a private employee only closet. So feel free to setup your products anywhere throughout the studio. You have complete freedom from 2 - 6pm. Price and times are valid 6 days a week Monday - Saturday. FAQ's No Smoking Music system is present