Shipping Fulfillment

Allow Modern Era to take the stress away from you as a business owner!

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Here at Modern Era we offer Shipping Fullfillment to product based business owners who no longer have the time or manpower to ship all their items on a day to day basis. 

Our policy is month to month so if you no longer want Modern Era to handle the backend of your business just let us know by the 15th and we will close out your fulfillment account with us. 

For $509/month here's what's included: 

Blind shipping for all products sold through your online store (meaning all the shipping tags will say the name of your business and not Modern Era) 

Become a featured designer within the Modern Era mobile application

Access to our email and text database of over 8,000 customers.

We feature your items in our app store and you keep all the sales you earn from the store monthly. We will provide you copies of all sold items each month, inventory updates, and then pay you out based on mobile app sales biweekly. 

Monthly product shot updates for all  new inventory 

Shipping Supplies - We also include the cost of boxes, tape, Ink, printing paper, shipping labels, etc. You will never have to pay for shipping supplies or manpower ever again

Handling of returns/exchanges 

Unlimited Warehousing - Access to our climate controlled warehouse. All your products will be stored indoors to ensure the safety and quality control of your product

Lower shipping fees - We are strategically located in Dallas, Texas therefore we have access to ship througout the country at a quicker and cheaper rate due to us being directly in the middle of the country. 

15 - 30 day grace period on shipping fees

Please Note: We do not pay the actual shipping and handling costs per provider (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) made through your online store. At the end of each month you will be billed your cost of shipping per product sold and that total will be sent in a separate invoice each month.  Although, by partnering with us you will get lower shipping rates via our providers due to the exisiting accounts will already maintain. 

All orders made through Modern Era mobile app are already accounted for within our sales price, therefore you will not recieve an invoice for those sales). 

If this sounds like an option you need to increase the sales and time you have to focus on other aspects of your business email us today and we will setup a call to answer all your questions beforehand.